Coil Tech provides a certified service


Coil Tech/US Chiller Services (Bahrain) is one of only three organisations in the entire Middle East which are factory and industry certified to service all the major manufacturers chillers, including Carrier, Trane, York, and McQuay, says a spokesman for the Bahrain-based specialist firm.

The other two firms are the Dubai-based Al Shirawi/US Chillers and the Saudi-based Zamil Cool Care/US Chiller Services. All three are joint venture companies, with Coil Tech having been the first to be established in July 2001.

‘Up until that time, Chiller owners were at the mercy of the chiller manufacturers’ agents, waiting for qualified service engineers to service their equipment, as well as having to pay greatly inflated prices for factory service, the spokesman points out. ‘The manufacturers agents acted as if they were doing the customer a favour by providing a service engineer – a service engineer who most likely was not factory trained or certified.

‘A facility chiller, if not serviced and repaired by a certified chiller specialist, will cost thousands of dollars in useless repairs and excessive energy consumption.’
US Chiller Services with its offices in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai claims to be the only company in the Gulf that is factory and industry-certified to service and repair York, Carrier, Trane and McQuay liquid chillers.

‘Once we are given the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, the difference between our organisation’s abilities and those of the agents will be quite apparent to the end-user with whom we develop a long-lasting business relationship, comments Dan Mizesko, manager of US Chiller Services (Gulf).
He continues: ‘In other parts of the world, it’s an accepted fact that independent chiller service organisations (like US Chiller Services) provide a better alternative for service than going to the agent or manufacturer for repairs or maintenance.

‘The truth be told, chiller manufacturers and agents are not interested in providing quality solutions and services that benefit the end-user – they are interested in selling new chillers.

‘In the Gulf, the practice of going to an independent is still a fairly new concept, but this practice is being quickly reversed judging by the list of US Chiller Services’ contracts and retrofit projects it has been awarded, and the list of satisfied and loyal customers.’

The company has recently been awarded projects such as the service contracts in Bahrain for the Bahrain International Airport chiller plant comprising five Carrier centrifugal chillers with a capacity 3,500 tons, and for the Salmaniya Medical Centre, which has 10 Carrier centrifugal chillers with a capacity of 8,600 tons. Also in Bahrain, it has won the contract for the complete retrofit of four York reciprocating chillers at the Ritz Carlton Resort.

King Fahed university Hospital

King Fahd University Hospital in Khobar (KFUH) is undergoing a comprehensive project to improve energy efficiency and modernize its facilities. The project implementation includes 15 Energy Saving Measures (ESMs) which address key components of the facility in order to secure their performance and guarantee savings. The project is developed under a partnership with Tarshid.

Kindgom Tower, KSA

Riyadh's most iconic tower, built over 20 years ago, covers an extensive area of 300,000 square meters. This multifaceted structure includes a Four Seasons hotel, a conference center, a shopping mall, offices, residences, and a large parking area. Our proposed solution focuses on making the tower's day-to-day operations and maintenance more effective, particularly for its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We're also implementing energy-efficient practices and exploring sustainable cooling solutions through cooling networks for the tower.

Abu Dhabi airport Terminal A, UAE, UAE

Dalkia manages Abu Dhabi Airport's largest chiller plant at the Midfield Terminal Complex, with a total capacity of 54,000 RT.

Built in 2016, the emphasis is on achieving full terminal functionality by 2023, with a focus on efficient chiller plant management and energy-efficient operations, including rigorous preventive maintenance aligned with airport protocols.

UAE University, UAE

Dalkia successfully implemented a comprehensive Energy Performance Contract for UAE University, achieving significant savings in Phase 1. Dalkia has been awarded Phase 2 by ADES, expanding to more campus sites and is now in implementation phase. Simultaneously, negotiations for Phase 3 are ongoing.

Complementing these efforts, Dalkia launched an Energy Awareness Campaign at the university, promoting sustainability and engaging stakeholders in energy-conscious practices.